Keeping the Rain Where It Belongs: An Homage to Roofs

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How To Tell When It's Time For A New Roof

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A great roof makes residential living a breeze. It protects you and your household from the scorching rays of the sun, the pounding of the rain and a host of other elements that would otherwise make their way into the property. When the roof is functioning the way it should you probably don't give much thought to it. However, this can be problematic because if you don't pay attention to your roof you could miss warning signs that should never be ignored. If you find yourself dealing with any of the issues below it may be time to contact a roofing contractor to get an estimate for a new roof.

Neighbors Are Starting to Get New Roofs

When you ride down your street have you started to notice that a slew of neighbors are replacing their roofs? If so, this is very telling. The homes in your neighborhood were likely all built around the same time. It's one thing for a single resident to get a new roof. When there seems to be a different truck on the block each day with roofing advertisements on the side of it, that's when you really need to be on alert.

If you weren't the first person who ever lived in your house it's vital for you to find out when the home was originally built. Roofs typically last approximately 30 years, so if it's been that long and your home still has the same roof it's time to think about getting a replacement.

Granules Litter Your Yard

Roof granules are the small, circular bits of asphalt that cover the tiles on your roof. When the roof is firmly intact the granules stay put and provide protection from the elements. As the roof begins to deteriorate you may see more and more of the tiny granules littering your yard and driveway. This is a clear sign that the roof needs to be replaced before it's too late.

Without the granules, your roof is essentially left uncovered. The rain can easily tear away the tiles and possibly leave a crack big enough to let water enter your home. It's best to look into your options for a new roof because if you wait you may not have enough time to get the funds together before the roof becomes totally dysfunctional.

When these symptoms appear you know what to do. Get on the phone with a roofing contractor like Queston Construction Inc and request a consultation immediately.