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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Asphalt Shingle Replacement With Durable Shake Roof Alternatives

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The roof of your home may have asphalt shingles on it, which are cost-effective roofing materials for residential roofing. Shingles can also be vulnerable to wear and less efficient than some of the many other materials available. One alternative is shake roofing, which is usually a wood material and a lot more durable and efficient than you may think. The following tips will help you with the preparations your home needs to prepare for shake roof installation to replace old, worn asphalt shingles: 

1. Tearing off the Old Shingles to Expose the Wood Structure of Your Roof  

Tearing off the old shingles is the first step in preparing your home for shakes. You will want to expose the decking and repair any damage. You can also tear off the decking and install slats to replace it, but it is usually better to leave the decking, install a felt moisture barrier and then install slats. This will give your new shake roof more protection against wear, leaks, and other problems.  

2. Wood Repairs and the Installation of Wood Slats to Prepare for Shake Roofing  

Below your new shakes, you may choose to leave the wood decking. You will want to repair any damage to the wood before installing the wood slats. Even though you may not need to install wood slats, it is a good idea because it allows the shakes to breathe and prevents problems with moisture getting trapped beneath the roofing and causing rot.  

3. Flashing, Reinforcing Vulnerable Areas and the Installation of a Moisture Barrier for Shakes 

It is also important to flash your roof to protect areas that are vulnerable. Add an extra layer of rubber membrane or other moisture barrier materials beneath the flashing at walls, valleys and other vulnerable areas of the roof. In addition, to ensure shakes breathe and are protected from moisture, each row of shakes should have a strip of asphalt felt paper to separate them from damage.  

4. Choosing the Right Type of Shakes or Wood Roofing Materials That Are Right for the Needs of Your Home 

The type of shake materials that you choose to replace shingles should be the right materials for the needs of your home. In some areas, you may want to use synthetic or fire-retardant-treated materials to reduce the risk of fire. In wet climates, a treated wood shake or more durable lumber species works better to protect again wear, rot, and water damage.  

These are some tips to help with the installation of new shake roofing materials to replace old asphalt shingles. If you are ready to replace your shingles with new shakes, contact a roofing contractor for help with getting your home ready for a new roof.