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Learn More About Replacing Your Home's Siding

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If you have damage to the siding on your house, then you will need to replace it before the situation gets worse. Ignoring some siding damage can cause damage to happen to more of the house. For example, if you have termites in the siding and you don't remove the affected siding and take the appropriate steps to protect the rest of the house, then you can end up with serious termite problems throughout. Besides termites, some of the other problems you may have include missing siding due to age or storm damage, cracking or sagging siding that's rotting, or siding that has decay from a fungus.

When you decide to replace your current siding, you might want to choose a new type of siding. There are many materials to choose from; wood, brick, and vinyl siding are some of the most durable and great-looking options. Here is more information on these three types of siding.

Wood siding

People often think of homes with a ranch, cottage, or Cape Cod style when they think of wood siding. However, this type of siding can be used on many other styles of homes because the wood siding can be presented in a variety of ways. Wood shingle siding is one option, though it tends to be the more fragile option. Then, many types of wood boards that are stained or painted and treated can be used to help create very specific looks for homes. Wood siding can be obvious, or it can be a bit camouflaged to help it blend in with the rest of the home by painting it specific colors and using smaller boards.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is a very common type of siding because it is an affordable and durable option that can easily mimic many other types of siding. For example, vinyl siding can be used to give the appearance of many other types of siding, including wood, stone, brick, log, and many others, while also offering the benefits of the vinyl material. Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean, and it can go a long time without showing any signs of aging.

Brick siding

While vinyl can be used to mimic the look of brick siding, in a lot of cases, homeowners will want to stick with actual brick siding. One of the reasons for going with brick siding is to keep with the original materials of a home. Brick is also extremely durable, weather-resistant, and resistant to many other types of damage.

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