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Spring Is Almost Here, and Your Gutter Needs Help

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As spring approaches and the country warms up, you need to take stock of the condition of your home. Spring brings with it strong storms in many areas and much hotter temperatures as well, especially in the southwestern part of the country. No matter where you live, it's time to prepare your home for changing seasons by inspecting features like your roof and gutter. The gutter, especially, can suffer damage during winter, and spring is the time to fix it up so it can handle the weather on the way.

Find Damage From Ice

If you live in a region where winters are cold and icy, it's possible that your gutter sustained damage from ice, especially if you had an ice dam form on your roof. The weight of icicles can bend metal gutters, and sliding snow that collected on the roof can yank the gutter off-kilter if the fasteners weren't in good shape. The entire gutter needs to be inspected, from fasteners to screens, and all damage needs repair now, not later in the summer, when you notice waterfalls through holes in the gutter; now, when weather is milder and you don't have potentially damaged landscaping to contend with.

Remove Leaf Clogs

Leaves are the bane of every gutter's existence as leaves can fall into the gutter at any time and basically from anywhere. Even if your trees all looked bare over the winter, your neighbor's might have had a few leftover that were then blown over to your house by strong winds. Over the winter with all its rain and snow, those random leaves could have congealed into a mass that blocked water flow along the gutter. Worse, the blockage could obstruct the downspout itself. Have a gutter service company look over the entire gutter and downspouts so the workers can clear out any leaves they see.

Install a Screen

If your gutter does not currently have a screen to keep out leaves, this is the time to add one. Even if your trees are currently bare, leaves will soon come in, and spring and summer storms can send those leaves flying. The screen blocks leaves from entering the gutter. You will need to have a gutter service check the screen occasionally to ensure that no leaves have settled and dried on the mesh. If leaves do dry on the mesh, however, that's still not as bad as having a bunch of leaves clogging the actual gutter.

Home maintenance is an ongoing process, and you will likely have to call a gutter service company again in fall to ensure the gutter is ready for winter. That doesn't mean you can skip springtime service, however. Take care of your gutters now for peace of mind over the next few months.

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