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Benefits Of Residential Spray Foam Roofs

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For single- and multifamily homes with a flat or low-slope roof, spray foam roofing is quickly becoming the roofing material of choice. This durable roof coating is cost-effective, is quick to install, and can be applied over many other types of flat roofing systems. The following guide can help you determine whether spray foam is the right material for your new roof.


Cost is often the deciding factor when weighing your roof replacement options. Spray foam is made of a durable polyurethane that cures into a dense, UV-resistant covering that seals out all water leaks. It's also an inexpensive alternative to a complete roof tear-off and replacement—in part because spray foam can be applied over an existing roof with minimal preparation. Even better, spray foam is lightweight, so applying it over an older roof won't put undue stress on your building. Spray foam also provides increased insulation, so not only do you save on your roof replacement, but you also save on your ongoing energy bills.

Weather Resistance

Most traditional roofing materials are attached with nails or other types of fasteners. Extreme weather, especially high winds, can rip the materials off the roof. Further, in areas with major temperature fluctuations, the expansion and contraction of the roofing materials can cause screws and nails to loosen. Spray foam doesn't require any fasteners, and it is unlikely to blow off because it is bonded to the house. Water also flows easily off a spray foam roof simply because unlike traditional shingles, spray foam has a smooth surface that is less likely to catch debris and form dams. Combined, these features make foam roofing one of the more weather-resilient roofing options available for your home.

Easy Repairs

If your spray foam roof does become damaged or begins to age, you can typically repair it rather than replace it. A fresh coating of spray foam will make the roof perform like new again. Spray foam also requires very little in the way of ongoing maintenance and repairs. You may need to have the protective coating reapplied periodically, particularly if your area is exposed to a high level of sunlight. As long as your home's gutter system is in good repair and you periodically have debris cleared from the roof, your spray foam roof should last many years without the need for extensive repairs.

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