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2 Common Types of Roof Damage to Watch for When You Have a Metal Roof

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Metal is one of the most durable roofing materials you can buy. A metal roof could last for decades, but that doesn't mean it never needs repairs. A metal roof is composed of more than just metal panels, and all parts of the roof have to be kept in good repair. Here are two common metal roofing problems that could lead to leaks if repairs are not done in time.

1. Deteriorated Rubber Parts

The rubber pieces on your roof wear out much quicker than the metal panels. Rubber cracks due to age and sun exposure, which is one reason your metal roof needs to be checked occasionally for areas that need repairs. Rubber is found in the boots that surround pipes that protrude through the roof. Rubber washers are also used with the screws that hold the panels in place.

Worn rubber boots need to be replaced or repaired or they'll allow water to leak through the roof, and that could cause the deck to be water damaged. The risk of leaking is even higher if the boot holds water after rain instead of letting water roll away.

Bad washers need to be replaced too, and these are often difficult to find once they go missing. You probably won't see them by looking up from your yard, but a roofer can find them through a close examination or by trying to track down a roof leak.

2. Corrosion That Eats Through The Metal

You may never have a problem with rust on your metal roof, but it's a possibility you should watch for. Steel roofing is coated so the steel won't rust. When something scrapes off the coating, then water can get to the steel and cause rust to develop. Once rust sets in, holes may eventually follow that allow your roof to leak.

The coating of your roof might be compromised by hail strikes or foot traffic on your roof. Galvanic corrosion is another possibility if the metal panels come in contact with different materials such as copper flashing or copper gutters.

Whatever the cause, rust should be removed before it has time to eat through the metal and cause leaking. The roofer has to remove rust with a wire brush or other method and then cover the area with a rust inhibitor to keep the rust from coming back.

Keeping up with metal roof repairs will prevent leaking, but since some roof problems are difficult to notice, your metal roof might develop a leak at some point. When this happens, have roof repairs done right away. By having quick repairs, you may prevent damage to the deck and the need to take off the metal panels to replace the deck underneath.