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Why Architectural Sheet Metal Is Taking The Roofing World By Storm

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One hundred years ago, cedar shakes were the roofing material of choice. Two or three decades ago, it was all about the asphalt shingles. You still see both of these materials rather frequently, but there's a new favorite in roofing town: architectural sheet metal! No, this is not your grandparents' metal roofing. It's an advanced metal roofing option, and there are a few good reasons why it's such a hit.

It will outlive you.

Unless you're a really young homeowner, there's a pretty good chance an architectural metal roof will last longer than you do. Most of these roofing systems are warranted for 50 years, and there's a good chance they will last a good deal longer than the warranty. Compare this to other roofing materials, which last 20 or 30 years, and you can see why people choose architectural metal. It saves you the headache of having to replace your roof yet again in a few years!

It keeps the upstairs of your home cooler.

Heat rises, which means the upstairs of any home tends to be warmer than the downstairs. If you have heat from the sun also seeping in through the roof, your upstairs can become downright sweltering in the summer. This is less of a problem with an architectural roof than with other materials because metal, as you likely know, is reflective. More of the sun's rays bounce off of metal rather than being absorbed through it. Not only does this make for a more comfortable home, but it also keeps your cooling bills in check — which is certainly important these days as energy costs become less predictable.

It can be recycled.

Recycling has become even more important these days as landfills continue to grow. Plus, mining for new metals is not the most eco-friendly choice. You can find architectural metal roofs made from most or all recycled metal, and once you are done with the roof material, it can be recycled again. That's about as eco-friendly as it gets. If you are trying to build a home that meets certain green building standards, architectural sheet metal roofing fits the bill.

It comes in many colors.

Do you think metal is boring? Think again. Today's architectural sheet metal roofs come in almost any color. The paint applied to them is a strong enamel that will stay looking amazing for the lifetime of your roof.

Architectural sheet metal is here to stay as a roofing option. Contact a roofing company near you to learn more.