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How To Estimate The Cost Of A Commercial Roof Replacement

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When you're a business owner, numbers are everything. You are compiling payroll numbers, inventory costs, profit and loss statements, and a billion other items that need regular maintenance. With all that going on, how are you supposed to also budget the right amount for a commercial roof replacement?

While the quotes you will receive from your contractors will change from company to company, there are a few ways that you can provide a really close ballpark estimate of what you should be saving for. Here is how to do it.

What Type of Roof Do You Need?

Generally speaking, there are only two types of commercial roofs: sloped and non-sloped (or flat). Flat roofs are the most common because they're the easiest to maintain, as well as provide the most flexibility to add things on top of it, such as air conditioners and storage spaces. Flat roofs are almost always going to be cheaper than sloped roofs, not only because they're easier to access, but because the cost of materials is substantially cheaper. 

What Is Underneath the Roof?

Roofs do not just sit on the air, they have to have materials underneath to support it, such as insulation, decking, and cover boards. If these have rotted away or need repairs, you can add that on to the total cost of your commercial roof replacement. A well-maintained roof will probably result in a stronger foundation, so make sure you keep that roof strong.

How Easy Will It Be to Work?

Commercial locations are notorious for being incredibly difficult to work around. Not only are you having to navigate around a business that is still trying to operate, but you also don't have as much space for a staging area because the parking lot is most likely filled with cars. If there's a space for the workers, if the roof is only one or two stories, and there are multiple, easy access points, then your cost will be cheaper overall.

How Big Is It?

This is one of the most important variables in estimating the cost of a commercial roof replacement, but it's also the easiest to figure out. The total square footage of the replacement will have more of a bearing on your cost than any other single factor since it determines materials and labor. Once you get the size of the area that will be replaced, you can more accurately compare quotes from various roofers.

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