Keeping the Rain Where It Belongs: An Homage to Roofs

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How Does Your Roof Look? Look For The Signs It Needs To Be Repaired

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If you had a storm recently, your roof may have taken some damage. Fallen tree branches, hailstones, even the wind and rain alone can cause damage to roofs.

But even if it hasn't been storming in your area, you may want to think about the last time you really looked at your roof. Especially if you're not keeping up with the recommended maintenance your roofing materials need, there may be damage you haven't noticed that needs some work.

Missing or damaged tiles can be obvious signs, but sometimes the signs are a little more subtle. Take a good thorough look at your roof, inside and out. While you do that, here are a few to look for.

Sagging roof

Externally or internally, if there's some sagging in parts of your roof, that's a sign there's underlying damage. From the outside, it'll likely look like a portion of your roof is not level with the rest. It may be really obvious, but if you haven't noticed it yet, it might be more subtle. Even if it doesn't seem to be sagging from the outside, it may be doing so from the inside. You will definitely want to get into your attic and see if there are any signs of sagging or rot.

Moisture damage

This can cover a wide range of possibilities. If you have algae or moss growing on your roof, that's a definite sign of water damage. But discoloration and dark spots when the roof should be dry can be another. In addition, inside you may also see signs of algae or mold growth. You may also notice other signs of water damage in your attic, subtler signs that are easier to miss. Standing water is obvious, but you also want to look for areas where there may have been standing water.

Light leaks

You want to pick a bright, sunny day and kill all the lights in your attic. You shouldn't have any sunlight coming in through the roof. If you do, that's something you need to take care of, post haste.

Gutter gunk 

When you clean out your gutters, it should mostly be leaves and possibly a little grit. If you're noticing a lot of weird gunk in your gutters, that could be the shingles on your roof degrading and shedding.

Roofing repair costs vary, in general, it's cheaper to get an issue fixed earlier on. This is why maintenance is so important, it can help you catch problems before they become too expensive. Your roof repair service can likely help you set up more regular maintenance for your roof if you think maybe that's what started causing the problems.

For more information, contact a roof repair service in your area.