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2 Signs That Your Home's Roof Decking Needs Replacing

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While looking at your home's older roof, you may find that the shingles appear to be in good condition. However, the shingles only make up the top layer of the roof. Underneath the shingles, there are sheets of plywood that support the structure of the roof. If these sheets start to break down, the integrity of your roof becomes compromised. Fortunately, there are a couple of signs for which you can look to find out whether deterioration is already happening, indicating that your roof's decking needs replacing.

1.  Water and Debris Collect in the Same Areas

One sign for which you can be on the lookout when trying to determine the condition of your roof's decking is the collection of water and debris that tends to gather in the same areas on your roof. When the plywood is strong and in good condition, the surface of the roof will remain mostly straight and even, allowing for runoff of water, leaves, and small twigs.

However, if the wood fibers of a piece of plywood start to break down, the sheet will no longer be able to fully support the weight of the shingles attached to it. This will cause the plywood to bow and create divots in the roof. 

Since the collected debris will hold the water and cause evaporation to slow, the increased exposure to moisture will cause further deterioration of both the decking and shingles. If you see this, have a roofer inspect the areas where the debris collects.

2.  Roofing Nails Come Out Easily

Another sign that the roof decking on your home has started to deteriorate can be determined by inspecting the nails used to fasten the shingles to the wood. If the wood has started to rot, it will no longer be able to firmly keep the nails in place.

After a strong storm, you may find nails laying at the end of the roof, in your gutters, or even on the ground. If you venture up onto your roof, pull on a nail, and find that they come out easily, this is a strong indicator that the decking is breaking down.

Since the decking below the shingles provides the base for your roof, if the wood has started to deteriorate, you will most likely start having leaks before long. As soon as you notice the signs that the roof decking's structure has been compromised, contact a roofing service to have them inspect the structure to see if part or all of the decking needs replacing.

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