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Why Tile Roofing Is Considered On Of The Most Durable Roofing Materials Available

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Are you in need of a new residential roof installation? Perhaps you are making plans to build a new home, or maybe you have a home and it is time for a roof replacement. Some homeowners are used to seeing asphalt shingled roofs. However, they may wonder what other roofing materials exist and how they could benefit from choosing another material for their roofing needs.

Tile roofing materials are ideal for a number of reasons. Key things that attract many modern-day homeowners are the durability, energy efficiency qualities, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Installing a new roof is an investment. This means that most homeowners expect a new roof to last for years. If you want a roofing material that can last for decades, you may want to consider tile roofing. 

Even though your upfront costs may be more for tile than for an asphalt roofing installation, you will likely benefit from tile roofing due to it being a longer-lasting material. You will also be able to appreciate the carefree maintenance involved and less complicated repairs. The following points will identify the features that make tile roofing one of the top durable roofing options available. 

Fire Resistance

House fires are a scary possibility that can happen even if the best safety practices are exercised. Fires can spread quickly, and certain types of roofing systems, such as those composed of tile materials, may protect homes against total losses. This is because tile material is resistant to fire and high temperatures. The material is also durable enough to contain some fires and may cause them to burn slower, which can provide valuable time for emergency personnel to extinguish fires. 

Hail Resistance

This is a threat during certain seasons and in certain areas. Hail can damage asphalt shingles and cause the granules that protect the shingles to separate from the shingles. This damage can cause the shingles to not perform their intended purpose. It can also negatively impact energy efficiency. 

Seismic Resistance

Even if your area does not experience earthquakes, you could experience the effects of tremors which create similar effects underground. Tile roofing can protect your home against damage from these natural and sometimes disastrous acts of nature because of the material's ability to handle high seismic loads produced by earthquakes and tremors. 

Wind Resistance

If you live in an area that is prone to weather that may involve high winds, you will appreciate that tile roofing can withstand forceful, high-speed winds. The risks associated with roof damages due to roofing materials such as loose shingles blowing off are mitigated.

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