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Problems With The Roof That Need To Be Addressed During Home Renovations

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When you are doing major home renovations, the roof is also going to need work. You are probably going to need some repairs done. In addition to the repairs, there may also be improvements and changes you want to make. If you are investing in major renovations, some changes can be made to the design of your home. The following roof problems are some of the issues that you will need to deal with when doing renovations:

Plan a Roof Replacement

The roof of your home is probably older and worn. The renovations are a great time to replace the shingles. You may want to start planning on replacing your roof first. Discuss options like roof-overs or tear-offs for replacing the roof. If you are planning other renovations to the interior of your home, installing a new roof will ensure problems like leaks don't cause damage to the newly renovated interior.

Repair the Roof Structure

The structure of your roof is another area that may need repairs. Sometimes, there are issues with water damage that can be hidden beneath the old roofing materials. If you have found problems with water damage beneath the shingles, you want to repair these problems. This damage should be repaired before continuing with the renovations and installing new shingles. If you are using heavier materials like tile, you are also going to need to reinforce the roof structure.

Plan Changes for Renovations

There may also be some changes that you want to make when addressing issues with the roof. The changes may include things like adding a porch or addressing issues that cause roofing materials to wear and leak. You can also have extra details and architectural features added to the roof to change the design of your home. The wood framing for these changes will need to be done before the new shingles are installed to complete the renovations.

Use Durable Underlayments and Shingles

The installation of the roofing is an important part of your restorations. You want to start with a durable underlayment. New underlayment materials can also be more resistant to leaks that can cause damage to your home. The shingles that you have installed should also be more durable and resistant to wear. Options like architectural shingles are a good choice, or you may want to use alternatives like metal or tile.

The renovations for your home should include roof repairs and improvements. Contact a renovation contractor to start planning the improvements needed to update your home.