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Spanish Tile Roof Repair Basics

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The gorgeous color and shape of Spanish tile roofing have made it a popular option for stucco and mission-style homes. Tiles are also a durable and efficient roofing choice, but they aren't immune to damages. Here are some damages to look out for, and your repair options.

Types of Damage

Damages to tile are usually the result of storms combined with aging. Broken or failed shingle clips combined with high winds, for example, can knock tiles loose. Falling branches may also crack tiles, leading to eventual leaks as a result of the damage. Other types of severe weather, like hail, can also cause cracks and tile breakage.

Debris on the roof may not lead to immediate damages on a Spanish tile roof, but over time, there can be some concerns. Piles of dead leaves and other debris trap moisture, and extended moisture exposure can weaken the porous tiles and cause water to seep beneath them. Permanent staining of the tiles from prolonged moisture exposure is also possible. Although stains are purely an appearance issue, they aren't something that most homeowners want to occur.

Signs of Trouble

You may be able to spot damages from the ground before any leaks actually affect the interior of your home. Survey the roof for shingles that look out of alignment or that are completely missing. In the case of wind, the shingles may actually come off completely and end up in your yard. You may even be able to spot cracked shingles, although these can be more difficult to see from the ground.

Water in your attic is another major sign that a tile shingle is damaged. There may be water stains on the attic roof or actual mold and mildew growth on the ceiling or in the attic insulation. The ceiling sheathing may also feel spongy and soft if water damage is starting to cause rot.

Repair Options

The great news is that tile roofs are almost always repairable. If damage has occurred to the wood decking board beneath a damaged shingle, it may need to be replaced or patched before the tile repair can occur.

Tiles themselves are easy to replace if cracked. If the tile is only loose, it can be reaffixed and clipped into place so it is secure once more. Stained tiles are also sometimes repairable. Power washing or cleaning with a solution made to remove algae stains from moisture exposure can often help restore the roof's former color.

Contact a Spanish tile roof repair service for more assistance if there are damaged tiles on your roof.