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Guide On How Qualified Roofers Carry Out Asphalt Shingle Installations

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Asphalt shingles are well known for their affordability, long life, variety of styles, and colors, as well as the fact that you can replace individual shingles. If you need new shingles, always ensure to hire a qualified roofer because DIY roofing can lead to several problems in the future. There is a lot that goes into laying down asphalt shingles. Below is a snippet of what goes on. 

Installations Can Start Down, Going Up Or Left to Right 

To prove this, observe a team of roofers at work, and you will notice a similar pattern. This technique ensures the shingles are uniform and effective at shielding you and your loved ones. Qualified roofers follow this route for a perfectly done job. 

Covering the Seams and Valleys With Flashing

A roof valley is where two planes converge or wherever there are penetrations, such as chimneys. Unfortunately, these are the same areas where roofs tend to leak. For this reason, your roofer will ensure to include a flashing on them before laying down the asphalt shingles. They will also ensure the use of high-quality material, such as aluminum, that is several inches thick. In case your roof already has flashings, these experts will check to see if they are in working condition. 

Using All Shingles in One Bundle Before Unpacking Another

It would help if you did not open another bundle of shingles before you are finished with the current one. Please note that sometimes there may be variations in colors between bundles. For this reason, if you unpack all the bundles at once, you avoid a scenario whereby one spot has differently colored shingles. All in all, expert roofers can prevent this by purchasing all your shingles from the same manufacturer. 

Checking the Condition of the Deck

Without a sturdy deck, all the roofing work will go down the drain. So, your roofer will ensure this part is in perfect shape. If not, they have no choice but to install another deck. In addition, they will ensure they use the right one from an approved supplier. 

Use of the Right Nails and Nailing Technique

There are nails meant for fastening shingles. Plus, they must be galvanized or prove to be corrosion-resistant to avoid issues in the future. An expert will ensure that each shingle has the set number of nails done along the nailing line. Furthermore, they will ensure that each nail is not too high or too low to enable your roof to beat strong winds. Finally, no nail will be bent. 

These are the basics of installing asphalt shingles. No matter how much you trust you can do the installations, hiring an experienced residential roof installation professional is best so your roof can last longer. 

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