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Important Things To Know About Flat Roofing

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Every different type of roof has its own special considerations for maintenance to keep it from leaking or falling apart. A flat roof is no exception. While many people think a flat roof is merely for commercial buildings, it is also a good option for your home. If you currently have flat roofing or are considering having it installed, here are a few things you should know.

Not Really Flat

Even though it is called flat, there is actually a slight slope to the roof. This is to allow water and melting snow to flow off of it. However, the slope is so minor that you still need to check it after each rainfall or snowfall to make sure there are no areas where water is pooling. You do not want to let the water sit as it will attract insects and pests, and it will also cause the deterioration of the roofing materials.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are important for the proper drainage of any roof. However, when it comes to a flat roof, keeping the gutters clear is more important than ever. Due to the slight slope, overflowing gutters will cause the roofing material and wood under it to start to decay. On a more sloped roof, this can occur as well, but the water will keep flowing off, preventing the damage from getting too far.

Bird Dropping Damage

Due to the slight slope of the roof and the amount of acid in bird droppings, the roofing material can be damaged to the point of creating leaks in the roof. It is important that you get on the roof and spray off all bird droppings regularly. You can do this when you are cleaning out the rain gutters.

Roof Gardens

A flat roof is ideal for a roof garden. However, before you get started on the project, it is important that you have a professional roofer inspect the roof to make sure it is strong enough to hold all the weight of the gardening medium and the extra water it will hold. Once planted, this roof will insulate the building very well and keep down heating and cooling costs. 

If you have or are getting a flat roof on your home or commercial building, contact a roofing professional who is experienced with flat roofing. Ask them about proper maintenance and set up a time for them to come and inspect things.  

For more info about flat roofing, contact a professional.