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What Eco-Friendly Roof Installations Are Best? 3 Options To Explore

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New construction materials are constantly coming up, with most featuring energy-efficient and sustainable technology. So, if you are constructing a new home or replacing your roof, an environmentally friendly installation is one of the qualities you may want to consider. You should know that this can mean anything from ethical manufacturing using recyclable materials to a low carbon footprint roof and improved energy efficiency. Hence, the type you choose will depend on your specific roofing requirements and budget. Below are a few eco-friendly roofing options you should look into.

Invest in a Cool Roof 

Cool roofs have gained much popularity in the recent past thanks to the highly reflective surface made from materials that combine glue and white gravel. In this case, the roof's high reflectivity means it does not absorb the sunlight that strikes the surface. As a result, your interiors remain cooler than they would if you were using a different roofing material. Given this, your reliance on the air conditioner will diminish, which results in energy savings. However, you must note that this roofing option might have a higher installation cost than other options in the market. The upside is that you will gain more long-term cost savings than other roof variations. 

Go for the Solar Roof

If looking to purchase a new roof, you may want a material that doubles up as a source of extra energy to power up gadgets and appliances. As such, a solar roof is an excellent option because it will cover your home and shield it from the elements, all while supplementing your electricity. More so, this installation is excellent in an area that receives high-intensity sunshine throughout the year. The only hurdle you might face is during the installation phase, which a residential roofer can help you with. Once the solar panels or shingles are in place, you can enjoy a cool home, extra energy, and minimal maintenance. 

Install a Living roof

The living roof is your best bet if you want more than one purpose out of the home. In this case, instead of installing shingles, slate, or clay tiles on top of the house, you can plant an actual garden. You will be pleased to know that this roofing option is one of the most unique options in the market. In addition, it offers the highest level of benefits in eco-friendliness. This is because it is self-sufficient and allows you the opportunity to do some gardening.

These are a few of the eco-friendly roofing options available in the market. You can consult a residential roofing contractor on eco-friendly roof options available in your area and pick the ideal one for your needs.

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