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Can You Replace A Roof In Winter? Should You?

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Winter is a challenging time for outdoor home repairs, including having to replace a roof. However, winter is also when your roof faces some of its biggest and most dangerous tests, increasing the chances that it will need major repairs. 

So, if your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced in wintertime, can it be done? What challenges will you face? And how can a professional roofing contractor meet these? Here's what every homeowner needs to know. 

Should Roofs Be Replaced in Winter?

In general, most outdoor construction projects work best when the weather is mild and somewhat reliable. However, roof replacement can be done by a skilled roofer in winter.

The roof of any building is one of its most important protections. So if it's been compromised, delays raise the risk that bigger problems will develop. Even if the timing isn't ideal, it's often the best and most cost-effective choice. 

What Makes Winter Installation Hard?

What specific challenges will your roofing crew face if you do need a winter replacement? First, they must deal with the vagaries of winter weather. Snow, ice, wind, and storms can delay the work if these cause it to be unsafe to work on the exposed roof. Safety must always come first. 

In addition, some of the tools and materials used in roof installation do not work as well in very cold weather. Vital tools like nail guns and compressors can't function in some freezing conditions. The asphalt itself is also less flexible when cold, making it difficult to form it to the shapes needed. Adhesives also may not stick as well. 

How Will Your Contractor Compensate?

If these challenges sound daunting, know that today's roofers have ways to compensate for even the worst conditions. They may opt for hand-sealing, for instance, if shingle adhesives may not work well. They can also store temperature-sensitive shingles and materials in warm staging areas for pliability. 

Where Should You Start?

Although roofing and other exterior work is harder and could take longer in the winter, it can be done. And if your roof is exposing your home to further winter damage, a replacement must be done as soon as possible. The best place to start is to learn more about winter roof work in your area. Meet with an experienced roofing contractor today to get answers to more of your pressing questions. 

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