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Restoring The Roof Of Your Historic Building

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For a person that owns a historic building, having major repairs done to it can be a challenge. This is due to the advanced age of these structures as well as the need to maintain their original appearance. Unfortunately, individuals might not fully appreciate the challenges that come with restoring the roof of one of these structures, but it is possible to work with a historic building roof restoration contractor to complete this process. 

Determining Whether The Historic Roof Requires Structural Repairs In Addition To Cosmetic Restoration Work

A key step in the restoration process will be evaluating the historic roof to determine whether the damage is largely limited to cosmetic issues or whether major structural repairs will be needed. Unfortunately, it can be common for these older roofs to be extremely likely to have suffered somewhat extensive structural damage over the years. An example of this could be wood rot developing on critical supports of the roof or even the roof shifting positions. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, the full extent of the necessary repair work can be determined so the property owner will know what to expect from it.

Using Era-Appropriate Materials

When restoring a historic building's roof, it is important to preserve the original look of the structure as much as possible. Otherwise, the building may lose its historic look, and it may no longer qualify for inclusion in historic building societies. A historic building roof restoration contractor can work with their clients to source materials that are as close to accurate as possible for the era when the building was constructed. This can be one of the more challenging parts of this restoration work as these materials will need to be properly sourced, which can extend the amount of time that the roof restoration will require.

Protecting The Exterior During The Historic Roof Restoration Process                                

Falling debris from roof work can be a common cause of secondary damage to any building that is having this done to it. However, these damages can be especially problematic for historic homes. To account for this, a professional historic building roof restoration service will take additional steps in order to limit this risk. This may include the installation of canopies and awnings near the building to intercept any falling debris that could have otherwise caused significant damage by hitting the building. Furthermore, these services will have workers that will be trained in the need to safely and properly remove debris from the roof to avoid accidentally damaging the exterior.

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