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Hire A Roofer To Help Get Your House Ready For Winter

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Before winter sets in, you need to ensure that your roof will survive the winter, especially if it is reaching the end of its life span. The best way you can do that is to talk to a roofer and ask them to come and make sure that your roof will be OK through the winter. The contractor can do several things to make sure that you are ready for everything that winter can throw at your roof. What are some of the things that the roofer can do for you? 

Inspect Your Roof

One thing that they can do for you is to climb up and inspect your roof. They will look for missing or loose shingles. If they see any bare spots, the roofer can fix them so that your entire roof is covered. It may not be a permanent fix, but it should still get you through the winter.

While the roofer is up on your roof, they should also check out all the caulk lines and flashing to make sure that it is all secure. Missing and loose flashing can let water get in under your roof and into your house, causing damage. The problem with loose flashing is that it isn't always obvious that it is loose without checking it carefully. 

Check Your Gutters

The roofer can also check over your gutters. They aren't necessarily going to clean them out for you, but they can check to make sure that the gutters are still firmly attached to your roof and that they are hanging level. Your gutters need to be attached to the roof so that they can collect all the water coming off the roof. They also need to be hung at the correct angle to let the water flow easily. 

Install Heating Cables

Heating cables can be attached to your roof to deal with the snow and ice that can collect on your roof. The roofer can install the cables for you and make sure they are connected so that they will heat up when triggered. Melting the ice on your roof can help keep the weight of the ice and snow down. It can also keep ice jams from forming, which can damage your roof and let water into your house. 

Your roof can take a lot of abuse. That's without counting all the damage that winter can do. A roofer can help you get your roof ready for winter so that you are at a lower risk of water damage.

Contact a local roofing service to learn more.