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5 Things To Know About Home Window Replacement

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Home window replacement is a common upgrade when renovating your home. Old windows aren't usually very energy-efficient, plus they may leak or just look old and worn out. Investing in new windows pays off in lower energy bills and a fresh new look for your home. Here are five things to know.

1. Windows Can Be Custom Made

You can buy windows in standard sizes, but you can also get them custom-made. Custom windows fit the windows in your home that have an odd shape, but you can also buy custom windows for other windows too when you want to make sure the windows have a precise fit for the best energy efficiency.

2. Home Window Replacement Goes Fairly Fast

The speed of installation depends on several factors, including the number of windows on your home. A typical home might be completed in a single day. The window installer often brings enough help so someone takes out old windows while another person installs new ones. They don't take off more than they can replace in a single day so you don't have to worry about your windows not being secure at the end of the day.

3. You Can Install Windows In Phases

It's ideal to have all the windows replaced at the same time, but if your budget can't handle the expense, then talk to the window company about installing the new windows in phases as you can afford them. It's usually best to install all the windows on the same side of the house at the same time due to how new windows change the appearance of your house.

4. Windows Are Rated For Efficiency

New windows come with different ratings and certifications. By reading the labels, you can tell how well the windows block heat transfer, how airtight they are, and how much light they let in. This helps you choose the most efficient windows your budget allows.

However, if you live in a mild climate, you may not need the most expensive windows that are the most energy-efficient. The window company can help you choose the right windows for your home.

5. The Window Installers Work Inside And Outside

Prepare to let the window installers in your house on installation day. Home window replacement requires the crew to work inside and outside your home to get the windows installed. That means it's probably best to be home on installation day. Plus, you'll want to prepare your home by moving everything away from the windows and taking down curtains and blinds.

For more information about home window replacement, contact a local company.