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Do You Fancy A Shingle Roof? Here Are Other Alternatives To Consider For Your Next Replacement Project

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There are countless types of roof installations offered by qualified contractors. Given this, sometimes, it is hard to pick the best installation for your roof replacement or a new installation. However, compared to other materials, shingles have maintained massive popularity over the past few decades. Also, most people are familiar with asphalt because it is prevalent in many homes across the country. That said, remember that there are other variations in the market, and learning about them might help you diversify your roofing choices.

Below are three residential roofing replacement options to consider.

Consider Biodegradable and Eco-friendly Types

Manufacturers use recycled materials like rags, paper, cardboard, and wood chips to produce organic roofs. That said, the product and installation costs differ from one supplier to another. However, irrespective of price, one of their greatest benefits includes high resilience in windy areas. Also, your contractor might refer to them as felt mats. On the other hand, their organic composition makes them more vulnerable to saturation and moisture damage. Hence, they might deteriorate and fall apart more quickly in areas with excessive humidity or frequent cold.

Go for the Tile Option

If you are looking for longevity, tile is a roofing variation you should consider for your project. This is because it comes with a lifespan of up to about eight decades or so, and you can get the tiles in a wide variety of colors. For example, you may consider installing a lighter shade to reflect light and help keep your home cool. That said, a thorough inspection before installation is essential because the tiles are heavy. So, before going for a tile installation, have a reliable roofing expert check your home's structure. On the other hand, note that the material is susceptible to leaks, fractures, holes, and cracked or broken tiles without proper care.

Choose the Slate or Natural Stone Option

Slate is available in many colors, including red, green, and blue. Further, this roof installation is excellent for regions with harsh winters. Also, when you maintain the roof well, it can last for decades. What's more, slate is exceptionally resistant to water damage compared to other options in the market. Because of this superior durability and higher initial cost, slate is notoriously difficult to repair and transport. Moreover, installation requires sturdy buildings that can support the weight. That said, having a roof installation expert who deals with slate helps you maintain your investment because not all contractors offer their repair or replacement.

You can choose these few options when looking for a roof. So, speak to a competent roofing expert to help you get the ideal roofing material for your next residential roof replacement project. They will help you choose durable and aesthetically pleasing options for your needs.