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3 Reasons To Have Your Metal Roof Restored Instead Of Replaced

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Metal roofing has been a common way to protect the roof of a home for many years. And, these roofing materials can last for many years without a problem. However, there can come a time when some areas of the roof need to be repaired. Thankfully, with a metal roof, you may not have to have the full roof replaced. Instead, talk to a professional metal roofing restoration company about restoring the materials you already have. When a restoration is an option, this can be a good choice. Take a look at a few reasons why metal roofing restoration may be better than full roof replacement. 

Metal roofing restoration saves money 

The most logical reason to opt for metal roofing restoration is taking this route could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Even though metal roofing is a cost-effective roofing material, the overall price of a new roof can be pretty high. You may be looking at costs that range anywhere from $5,642 to more than $16,000 depending on the size of your home and the materials you choose. By contrast, with restoration, you will only be paying for the roofer's labor and possibly replacing a few sections of metal roofing. 

Metal roofing restoration protects the visual appeal of the home 

If you have an older or vintage home, the metal that you have on your roof may be harder to find. For example, some older homes were topped with decorative metal roofing panels that were custom fabricated according to the property owner's design preferences. If this is the case with your home's roof, a metal roofing restoration is always ideal. A good roofer can use industry methodologies and materials to repair the metal panels that are damaged and find replacement panels that can match what is in place as much as possible. 

Metal roofing restoration is not as time-intensive 

The full project of replacing a metal roof can oftentimes take several days to complete. First, the old metal roofing has to be removed, which can be a time-consuming process because all metal fasteners and hardware also have to be taken out. Next, the underlying materials used for insulation and moisture barriers have to be evaluated for signs of damage or even fully replaced. Then, the new panels are installed. With a restoration project, the roofer can usually have the job done within a few hours after the initial assessment is done to determine what materials will be needed. 

To lear more about metal roofing restoration options, contact a professional roofing service in your area.