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Pros And Cons Of An Extensive Roof Patching Job

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If your roof is damaged in multiple areas, then you may be wondering whether you should have it patched, or replace it completely. There is no right or wrong answer here. Often, undergoing a full roof replacement is the more efficient choice, but it's not the right choice for everyone. Consider the following pros and cons of opting for an extensive patching job instead.

Pro: It will be more affordable in the short term.

Even if your roof needs to be patched in a bunch of different places, having it patched is almost always more affordable than getting a full replacement — at least in the short term. The roofers won't have to pay for as large of a dumpster because they won't be stripping the whole roof off. And you won't be paying for a whole roof full of shingles, even if you are paying for a lot of them.

Con: The underlayment won't be addressed.

Under your shingles, there is a layer of felt or synthetic material known as the underlayment. It can become damaged when you have shingle damage that is not addressed right away. A damaged underlayment can leak, even if just a small amount. When you just have the roof patched, this underlayment is not removed and replaced. That means your roof may be more prone to leaks and damage in the future.

Pro: Patching is faster.

A roofer can likely patch your roof within a few hours. And they probably have the materials on hand to do it right away. Therefore, this approach is easier to plan for and schedule. If you're short on time and just need to get the roof in decent shape ASAP, then you may have an easier time planning to patch the roof rather than replace it.

Con: Patching won't last too long.

Even if you patch the roof right now, the fact that it needs such extensive work means it is not in good condition, overall. It won't be long — a few years, at most — until you need to have it replaced. As such, people often choose to save money and time and just do a full replacement the first time around.

If your roof has damage in multiple spots, patching it may be the cheapest, most time-efficient option in the short term. But there are some longer-term downfalls to consider with this approach. Make sure you keep them in mind as you make your decision. For more information, contact a company like Twin City Roofing Construction Specialists, Inc.