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Things To Discuss With Your Roofer About Your New Asphalt Shingle Roof

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If you'll soon have a roof replacement, your roofer has probably explained everything that will happen as the crew works. Getting a new roof is an exciting time because a new roof gives your home a new look. However, you'll want to understand as much about your roof as possible. Here are some things you might want to discuss with your roofer about your new asphalt shingle roof.

How Your Roof Warranty Works

Your roof will come with a warranty. Ask your roofer what the warranty covers, if it's transferable, how long it lasts, and if you can accidentally void it. You'll probably have a warranty for the manufacturer's defects in the shingles as well as a workmanship warranty from your roofer. Neither of these usually covers storm damage, as that's covered under your homeowner policy.

What To Expect With Granule Loss

If you've heard losing granules is bad for your roof, you may be alarmed when you see a lot of granules in your gutters right away. This is actually to be expected. New shingle roofs shed granules as soon as they're installed, and then the granule loss slows down.

You may not need to worry about granules until later when the roof shouldn't be shedding them fast any longer. If you're concerned, talk to your roofing contractor to see if the granule loss your roof is experiencing is normal.

How To Keep Your Roof Clean

If your roof is under a mature tree, it might get covered in twigs, leaves, pollen, algae, or mold. If your old roof had ugly algae stains, you probably want your new roof to avoid that problem if possible. The roofer might advise starting algae treatments or installing copper strips to treat algae. They may recommend picking twigs and leaf piles from the roof.

Your roofing contractor may not want you to power wash the shingles. However, you might use mold, algae, and moss killer if necessary before their growth gets out of hand.

How Often You Should Have Roof Maintenance

Your warranty may stipulate how often you should have a roofing contractor check and service your roof. If not, ask your roofer for advice. If you never go on your roof, you may need a professional to come out more often than if you feel comfortable climbing on the roof and you're sure you know what to look for.

Just remember, if you overlook damage and don't have it repaired, you might void your warranty because of neglecting your roof. It's still a good idea to let a roofer check your shingles regularly even if you check them yourself between visits.