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Signs You Need New Roof Installation

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Roofing repairs are something you will have to deal with as a homeowner. What you may not know is that if there are too many repairs, you may have to consider a roofing replacement. A replacement means the removal of the current roofing system and a new roof installation. The problem is that many homeowners do not know what the signs of a possible roof replacement and installation are. Here are some of the signs and what you need to know about each one leading up to a new roof installation. 

Ongoing Leaks

When you discover a leak in your roof, it likely means there is a small repair that should be made due to storm damage. If you have repaired the leak and notice new leaks coming up around the same area, then the problem may be deeper than a repair can handle. If you begin to notice ongoing leaks throughout the roof area, then the problem may be with the foundation of the roof or the underlayment. These are signs that repairs are no longer going to fix the problem and a new roof installation is necessary. 

Water Damage

Water damage does not just refer to the immediate leaks or damage from storms and wood rot. Water damage can be wood rot or further issues that affect the foundation of the roof. In some cases, you may not notice these issues right away. This means that the damage can be further-reaching than you can see, and if allowed to remain untreated, can lead to expanding rot. If you begin to notice increased amounts of water damage staining or soft spots in the roof, a new roof installation may be the answer. 

Weak Areas

You should be doing a walk-over inspection of your roof on a routine basis. This is to clean off the roof as well as look for any loose shingles or problems. When you are walking, you should feel for weak areas. Weak areas will feel as if there is no stability under your feet or as if the roof may give way if you apply too much pressure to the space. This can be a sign that the foundation is starting to fail. If that is the case, you will need a roof replacement soon. 

These are just a few of the signs you need a new roof installation. If you are ready to have your roof inspected and to determine if you need a new roof installation, contact a roofing contractor. They will schedule a time to inspect the roof and determine what the next steps should be. They will also discuss the roofing choices and answer any questions you have about new roof installation