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Are All Of Your Neighbors Getting New Roofs Or Repairs Done? 4 Reasons Why You May Also Need To Call A Residential Roofer

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When you live in a close-knit neighborhood, it isn't hard to notice when everyone suddenly seems to be working on the same outdoor home improvement project. While you don't always have to rev up your mower when you see your neighbors doing yard work, there are times when you might need to consider joining in on a trend. Seeing multiple people in your neighborhood having roofing work done could indicate that you need to contact a residential roofer for the following reasons.

Check for Common Types of Damage After Inclement Weather

Hail storms and high winds tend to blow through neighborhoods and cause similar types of damage to homes at the same time. Essentially, you can safely assume that your home's roof might have hail damage if your neighbor's house does. If you've been out of town recently, then you might not even be aware that your area was hit with severe weather. Or, you might have simply forgotten to schedule a roof inspection. Either way, this is a good reminder to find out if your home's roof also has damage.

Prevent Age-Related Roof Problems

Most homes in a neighborhood were built around the same time. If your neighborhood is older, then it is possible that everyone's roofs are showing signs of wear. Depending upon the type of roof your house has, it could last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. If it falls on the older side, then you may need residential roofing services to help keep it in good condition as it ages. Alternatively, it might be time for a full replacement.

Get All of the Noisy Work Done at the Same Time

Good roofers know how to avoid making large messes and do their best to minimize disruptions. But, you can still bet that there will be some noise and extra traffic involved with any type of roofing project. Since everyone else is getting their roof done, your home improvement project will be less of a disruption to your neighbors. Timing your exterior home repairs to align with your neighbors' gets all of the heavy-duty work finished at once.

Maintain Your Neighborhood's Aesthetic Appeal

Similar to how your lawn can suddenly look much higher once your neighbor mows theirs, the roof on your house will look much worse once your neighbor has a beautiful new one on theirs. If you need a full roof replacement, then this might also be a great time to explore putting a new color of shingle on your roof too. Since the roof is one of the most visible parts of your house, updating it helps to increase your property's curb appeal while also enhancing the aesthetics of the whole neighborhood. 

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