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3 Decisions To Make When You Get A Metal Roof Replacement

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If your metal roof was damaged by a storm or it's rusting and worn out by old age, it's time to start planning a metal roof replacement. You might want an exact replica of the roof you have now, or you may be ready to change your roof color and give your property a fresh look. Here are three decisions you'll make when you're planning your metal roof replacement.

1. Whether You Will Remove The Old Roofing First

Metal roof panels are so lightweight that they can be used as a second layer of roofing. Have your roofer check your roof to see how many layers you already have. If you only have a single layer of roofing, you might be able to put the new metal panels over the old roofing as long as your roof is not rotting from water damage.

Your roofer will check if a second layer of roofing is suitable and discuss the good and bad points of having two layers of roofing. You can save money since the old roof won't get torn off, but your metal roof might not have a long life like it would if it was the only layer of roofing. Your roofing contractor can offer good advice about what you should do.

2. Whether You'll Order Custom Panels

There are different kinds of metal roofing panels. Standing seam panels are made to the length of your roof so there is no horizontal seam. The only seams are vertical seams that are bent down to create the standing seams. This gives the roof a tidy and sleek roof. If you're getting an exposed fastener roof, which you might want if it's cheaper, you have the option of using stock panels and seaming them together. This creates a horizontal seam on your roof that has screws visible.

You could order custom panels instead that are cut to the length of your roof so the exposed fastener panels are more attractive and look more like standing seam panels. Whatever choice you make, the roofer has to make exact and careful measurements of your roof to make sure the panels are the right length.

3. Whether You'll Have Underlayment Put On

Metal roofs have a lower risk of leaking than other types of roofing since the roof is made of panels. However, leaks are still possible, and that's one reason you'll probably want the roofing contractor to put new underlayment on when you get a metal roof replacement. The underlayment is rolled over the plywood deck. It sticks to the deck and creates a waterproof shield that protects the plywood if water should get under the metal roofing. It may be worth it to spend money on new underlayment if it helps you avoid costly water damage to the deck later.

For more information on a metal roof replacement, contact a professional near you.