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Ways Condensation Causes Issues With Your Roof

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Leaks are something that any homeowner thinks of when they have concerns about their roof integrity. There are other things to be concerned about, though. For example, you may notice water dripping with no sign of a leak. This could be condensation. There are several issues condensation can cause with your roof health that your roofer needs to prevent or repair. Here are some of the ways condensation causes issues with your roof and how you can prevent them. 

Water Bubbles

When condensation builds up, it does not necessarily have to do it where you can readily see it. Sometimes you will notice an internal condensation problem. You can see an example of this when condensation builds up around windows and in the attic. The condensation can build up underneath the wood or the paint and cause a water bubble. This water bubble is a sign you have a possibly severe condensation buildup issue and need to have it repaired before wood rot starts. 

Wood Exposure

When you begin looking for condensation issues around your roof, you may start with the attic area. When condensation continues to build up and goes untreated, you will start to notice cracks in the paint or even the wood. These cracks allow more water to enter the area and settle within the wood. During colder months, the water can turn to ice. This causes an expansion of the crack. As the water melts, it will move deeper into the now-expanded crack and cause wood rot that will need costly repairs. 

Insulation Damage

Insulation damage is something that can lead to costly repairs and even replacement. For example, condensation can develop under and around the insulation. As this condensation forms, it will move into the insulation further and cause mold or mildew. Once that damage is in the insulation, it can now affect your breathing. Remember, your insulation can enter your air ducts and into your entire HVAC system. You can breathe in all of those contaminants along with pieces of insulation. Once the mold enters your respiratory system, you will begin to notice health issues as well. 

If you begin noticing condensation and related issues, contact your roofer. They can inspect the area and determine where the condensation is coming from. Once they find the issue and what is causing the condensation, they can proceed with repairs. Your roofer can also discuss ways to help reduce condensation issues in the future. They will also tell you any upgrades you may need to help.

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