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A Coating Over A Foam Roof Could Be The Best Roofing Choice For Your Office Building

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If your office building needs a new roof, consider all the options you have in commercial roofing. You want a roof that has a pleasant appearance, but you also want a roof that is durable and resists leaking. A good choice might be a foam and coating roof. This combination gives you the benefits of foam with the UV protection of a coating. Here's why these are good choices for a commercial building.

A Foam Roof Provides Superior Leak Protection

A foam roof is sprayed on, so it's possible to get it in corners and around roof protrusions, creating a continuous seal against rain. You don't want the problem of a roof leak that could end in costly repairs and inconvenience for a tenant in your building.

The Coating Protects the Foam From UV Damage

While foam roofing is durable, it has a weakness, and that's UV rays. That's why it's often recommended to put a coating on a foam roof to protect it. Coatings are either silicone, which adds further protection against leaking, or an elastomeric material that expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. The coating helps the foam roof have a long life and it reduces the need for roofing repairs.

A Coating Could Reduce Energy Costs

Foam roofing is white, and it can be covered with a white coating that reflects the sun to reduce solar heating in the offices in the summer. If you're responsible for utility bills, that could mean savings for you.

A Coating Can Be Replaced When Needed

If you already have a foam roof with a coating, then your roofer may determine all your roof needs is a new coating to keep it in good shape and extend the life of the roof. Coatings can be applied on other types of roofing besides foam too. If you have a different roof material, ask the contractor if a coating would be an appropriate way to give your roof a longer life until you're ready to switch to foam or get a new roof.

When it comes to a professional office building, the appearance of the roof could be important if it can be seen from the street or from a taller building nearby. Coatings make a flat roof more attractive since it gives the roof a smooth, uniform look across the surface. White is an attractive and cooling color, but coatings come in other colors too, and you may want something more colorful to match your building.

Talk to your roofer about your options when it comes to the type of coating to apply and its color so you make a choice you like and that will last for several years without the need for frequent maintenance.