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How To Save Money When Replacing Your Windows

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"How much does window replacement cost?" is a very loaded question. It can cost a little or a lot, depending on how many windows you have replaced, what kind of windows you choose, and who does the work. A better way to approach window replacement is to set a budget, and then make choices that allow you to stay within that budget. Here are some options that will help you save. You can choose to follow one, a few, or all of them, depending on the budget you have.

1. Only replace the damaged windows.

While it is nice to have all the windows in your home replaced at once, if you are on a budget, it can be smarter to just replace the windows that are truly damaged and leaking. Most window replacement companies offer "replica" windows that will look enough like your original windows that the difference won't be obvious. 

2. Stick with single-hung windows.

There are so many different window styles, from casement to double-hung. However, single-hung windows tend to be the most affordable. In these windows, only the bottom pane slides up and down to open. They're not quite as convenient as double-hung windows in which the top panel also opens, but they're totally functional and an affordable choice.

3. Go with vinyl.

Vinyl is not the fanciest window sash material, but it's low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and affordable. Composite is a bit longer-lasting and less prone to leaks, but it costs significantly more than vinyl. Wood is simply not a smart choice when you're on a budget, as it's expensive and it requires a lot of maintenance. There's nothing at all wrong with a vinyl window, especially when you can't spend a fortune.

4. Stick with a basic color.

Sure, hunter green or burgundy windows might look nice, but you typically pay quite a lot more for these specialty colors than you do for basic white or black windows. Stick with a standard color, and then add color elsewhere in your home where it's cheaper to do so. For instance, you could paint your trim burgundy for the cost of a gallon of paint.

5. Go for dual-pane glass.

Window these days are almost all either dual-pane or triple-pane glass. Triple pane glass is only a little more efficient, and it costs a lot more. Dual-pane is definitely a more cost-effective option. 

Window replacement does not have to cost a fortune. Figure out which money-saving moves are right for you, then enjoy your new windows. 

For more information, contact a window replacement service.