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Roofing And Remodeling: Matching Changes With Existing Roof Structures And Materials

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If you remodel your home, there are often issues with existing materials not matching. This problem is common with masonry and exterior finishes or the roof structure. It is important to work with a residential roofing contractor to match your existing roof structure's remodeling changes. The following roofing and remodeling information will help you work with your contractor to ensure your changes match:

Start planning the remodeling and roof design

The planning of your remodeling project is important to be able to blend the new and old materials together. You want to work closely with the roofing contractor to determine some of the different changes that you will be planning. Considerations to make when planning the roof changes, include:

  • Where changes are visible and how to blend them in
  • Additions to make existing roof areas look like new
  • Remodeling the roof to blend in with the existing structure

These are areas where you will want to work with your roofing contractor to plan your roof changes when remodeling.

Begin making changes to your roof when remodeling

You may also want to make changes to your roof that help blend the remodeling and other areas together. Some of the changes to consider making to your roof include:

  • Adding roof architectural features
  • Creating a new design with porch and entrance roof features
  • Making adjustments to improve runoff and reduce wear

These are changes that you are going to want to consider making to your roof when doing remodeling.

Improvements to existing and new roof structures

The existing roof structures also need to be adjusted and remodeled to blend in with new areas like additions. There are several ways to make changes to the roof structure to blend it in with the new additions when remodeling. You can use new shingles that are installed on the existing and new roof to make the entire structure look new. The roofing contractor can also use plywood sheathing to help blend uneven surfaces and imperfections into the new roof design.

Installing new roofing materials and blending them in

The last step in the remodeling process should be the installation of new roofing. This is where you want to work closely with the contractor to ensure that the new materials blend in with any additions and remodeling that has been done. Ask about the best choices of materials to blend the existing and new roof structures together. These materials are often architectural shingles and other materials that have a more detailed profile that helps hide imperfections.

When remodeling your home, it is going to take planning and a good roofer to make sure everything blends together perfectly. Call a residential roofing service for help with planning your project when you get ready to install a new roof.