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Asphalt Roof Getting Older? 2 Tips To Make It Last Longer

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If the roof on your home is getting older, there are things you can do to make it last longer. Below are two of these things so you can get started on this project right away.

Make Repairs

Inspect the roof for any damage like loose shingles. If you do see any shingles like this, use roofing nails to tighten them up. If you do not, the shingles will become looser and eventually blow off. 

You may also see a few damaged shingles. If so, you can replace them with new ones. Just make sure you purchase the same type of tiles that you currently have and the same color. To remove the damaged shingle, use a pry bar. Put the pry bar underneath the shingle and then pry the prybar in an upward direction. Once the shingle is lifted a couple of inches, remove the roofing nails and then remove the shingle. You then put the new shingles in the same place and tighten them down with roofing nails. 

If there are missing shingles, simply purchase new ones and use roofing nails to apply the shingles to the roof.

Clean the Roof

If your roof is very dirty, you should clean it. This will help the shingles last longer for you. If your roof has algae, this will not damage your roof but will make your roof look bad. If your roof has moss, however, this will damage the shingles. You should never use a pressure washer to clean your roof as you would cause damage. If you use too much pressure, you will blow off shingles. 

You can use bleach to kill algae and moss. There are also types of roof cleaners that you can purchase. If you use bleach, put half bleach and half water in a garden sprayer. You then need to get a ladder and climb up on your roof. 

Walking on an asphalt roof can damage the shingles, so be very careful and walk slowly. Start at the top of the roof and spray the cleaner that you use, then work your way down. Apply an even coat of the cleaner on the roof. When you finish applying the cleaner, you are finished and will not have to rinse it off. If you notice there is still algae or moss on the roof, reapply the cleaner a second time. 

If you do not feel comfortable working on your roof, hire a roofing contractor. They can do a full inspection and make repairs, as well as clean your roof. The roofing contractor may suggest that you replace your roof if it has a lot of damage to it. Contact a company like Rapid Roofing & Restoration to learn more.