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Why You Might Want To Upgrade The Quality Of The Shingles When You Get A Roof Replacement

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If you've never had to put a new roof on your home before, you might not realize that asphalt shingles come in different grades. In addition to choosing the color and style of the shingles for your roof replacement, you can also choose a higher quality roof when you buy a better grade of shingles. Here's why you might want to upgrade from basic strip shingles even though higher grades cost more.

High-Quality Shingles Are Thicker

Thicker shingles are able to tolerate high winds and hail impacts better than basic, thin shingles. This is one reason higher grade shingles last longer than the basic variety. If you don't like asphalt shingle roofing because it has such a short life when compared to other types of roofing, then you might want to upgrade to high-quality shingles and enjoy an asphalt shingle roof that lasts for several decades as long as it's maintained well.

Higher-Grade Shingles Have Better Ratings

All roofing materials are rated for how well they perform in storms and fires. You can see the ratings on the roofing materials before you buy so you know what to expect from the roofing. You'll find that the highest grade of shingles also has the best ratings against fire, impacts, and wind. This could give you peace of mind if you live in a stormy area or a place where wildfires might break out.

Different Grades Have Different Appearances

Another difference between the three grades of asphalt shingles is that they look different. Builder's grade three-tab shingles have a flat appearance. The next grade has a textured look, and these shingles are called architectural shingles due to their enhanced appearance.

The highest grade of shingles, also called luxury shingles, have a distinctive shape that makes the shingles look like slate tiles or cedar roofing. If you want something a little different for your home, you might choose architectural or luxury shingles just for the more attractive appearance they provide.

Better Shingles Have Longer Warranties

As you might expect, high-quality shingles have longer warranties since they have longer lives. You may appreciate having a warranty to pay for repairs in the event of damage to the shingles. Be sure to check the warranty length and terms when you compare types of shingles.

Your roofer can help you choose the right grade of shingles for your roof replacement. They'll consider your budget and your goals for your home. You may not need the highest grade available, but when you want a stronger roof and a roof with an enhanced appearance, you might want to upgrade from basic three-tab shingles.