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Installing Spray Foam Roofing on Your Home

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Installing a new roof on your home that can add to your home's insulation and protect the home at the same time is worth considering. Foam roofing systems are becoming more common and can offer benefits to the house that are unique to this roofing material. 

Foam Roofing Systems

Foam roofing system installation is beneficial to your home and does not take long to install on your home. The material comprises two chemicals, polyol, and isocyanate, mixed to create a rapidly expanding polyethylene foam. The foam is put on the roof then coated with an elastomeric layer that protects the foam. 

The system is durable, and when the foam roofing system installation is done correctly, the roof can last up to fifty years. Installing this material does require a professional installation company. The system is so versatile that you can use it on flat roofs, pitched roofs, and even on vertical walls that connect several different roof levels. 

Foam Roofing Installation

The foam roofing system installation starts with cleaning the roofing surface, so it is free of any debris and is completely dry. An air blower is often the most efficient way to clean the roof off, but you can manually sweep it off to remove dirt and debris. 

Once the roof is clean, the foam is applied to the roof in an even layer that will expand to be about one to one and a half inches thick. The amount of foam used on the roof will affect the foam's r-value so if you are trying to add insulation, talk to the installation company about your insulation goals and how much foam they suggest for your roof. 

Once the foam is set up, the foam roofing system installation company will apply an elastomeric material over the foam that seals the roof and locks out water. The top layer can be twenty to thirty millimeters or about an inch thick and will act as a vapor barrier and protect the foam against mechanical damage like punctures. 

The roof is extremely low maintenance, and things like ice dams and leaks in the roof are no longer an issue because the foam seals the roof entirely and does not allow heat to escape. Contact a roofer to learn more about foam roofing system installation.

Energy Efficiency

Because the foam roofing system offers additional insulation, it can increase energy efficiency to offset the cost of heating and cooling enough to pay for itself in few years.