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How Do You Know If Your Cedar Shake Roof Needs Repairs?

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If you have a cedar shake roof, you might be tired of looking up roof advice and information, only to find that it applies to asphalt shingle roofs, only. You want to take good care of your cedar roof, and in order to do that, you need to know the signs that it requires repairs. You've come to the right place — because that's exactly what you'll find below.

Curling Shakes

Cedar shakes tend to contract with age. This is a normal part of the aging process and should not alarm you. When you do need to take action, though, is if the shakes start curling up along the edges. This tends to happen to the part of your roof that experiences the most fluctuation in humidity and temperature over the years — which is usually the part that gets direct sunshine during the day. Usually, you'll have a spot on the roof where the shakes are curling, but the rest of the shakes will look fine. A roof repair company can come out and replace the curling shakes, only, allowing you to get a few more years out of your existing roof before you replace the whole thing.

Algae or Moss

One reason why cedar is the wood of choice for roofing is the fact that it is not appealing to moss, algae, and other life forms that tend to grow on wood. This is because it contains certain potent cedar oils that these life forms find unappealing. As your shakes age, however, these oils dissipate, and eventually, you may see some moss or algae growth. It's a good idea to have the moss-covered or algae-covered shakes replaced before the moss or algae spreads to the rest of the roof. Moss and algae can cause the shakes to break down and start leaking prematurely.

Splitting Shakes

If you see some shakes that appear to be cracking or splitting in half, then you need to call a roof repair company. You may not immediately get leaks from split shakes, but all it takes is a big storm with sideways wind and you'll have moisture in your attic. The sooner you have the split shakes replaced, the better, since you really don't want water to work its way underneath them.

Cedar shake roofs are a bit different from shingle roofs, but once you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to tell when your roof needs repairs. Contact a roof repair contractor to learn more.